Trimble as DUP pin up?

Alex Kane turns his attention this week to the DUP and speculates on its possible routes forward. He argues that the party’s position on changes needed do not amount to fundamental changes, but arrather represent a compliment to the pioneering work of his own party leader and former First Minister, David Trimble.

By Alex Kane

A few weeks ago I wrote a column in which I expressed the opinion that the DUP should cut to the chase and arrange a face-to-face with the IRA. This produced outrage from the usual sources within the DUP hierarchy, including Ian Paisley, who replied;

  • Lorre

    Alex kane wrote: >Let

  • Michael Shilliday

    ah, but how do you become david trimble, when the people could just vote for david trimble? answer is on the “cartoons” section of their website. make the people think david trimble is evil, but peter robinson doing the same things is a perfect world.

  • Baldrick

    David Trimble and the UUP have no say in making deals anymore with Sinn Fein or the SDLP. Thats Ian Paisley & the DUP’s problem now. They are top Unionists now, lets see if they can act like top Unionists


  • North Antrim Realist

    Repeat post as no one has answered it……….

    I have a question for DUP supporters, in particular David Brewster; a simple yes or no answer will suffice.

    Will the DUP talk to terrorists, or their elected representatives, before they have decommissioned completely and stood down from all of their activities criminal or terrorist?

    This single point is the now only difference bewteen the DUP and the UUP and unless I am far mistaken it will soon disappear like all the other DUP promises have done already.

    Where is all the talk of bringing down and smashing the GFA and having a NEW agreement and a Fair Deal, where is all the talk of SF having to disband, where is all talk of removing cross border bodies, all hot air and rhetoric from the DUP. Their smart young things may dream up slogans for elections but in the real world they have to deliver.

    The electorate were not prepared for this ‘volte face’ from the DUP and will not forget.

    David Brewster spends most of his time on this site railing against his former party and very little trying to explain the actions and contortions of his new party as they wend their way through a ritualistic courtship to a short engagement and eventual marriage with SF in Government, maybe he should change the record once in a while and have a good look in the mirror.