How artists can make their own money!

It sounds like a dodgy scam but strangely, it isn’t. The struggling artist, starving in the garret is a classic archetype the world over. But this scheme begun six years ago by two Danes to make their own money has begun to take off and now involves artists all over the world.The rules are simple as is the theory behind it. Buyers get a small unique piece of art which accumulates value in itself and if they choose to spend it gets them a 50% discount on any piece of work held centrally by the Bank of International Art Money. It provides an alternative and ready market place for a whole range of visual artists.

There are currently about 180 artists in the scheme, most of them Danish. But they are keen to expand the network to other countries. If you know a struggling artist in Northern Ireland or indeed anywhere – pass on the word!

Thanks to Bente for the heads up!