Slow going…

MARTINA Purdy looks at how the democratic deficit – otherwise known as Direct Rule – is slowing down political decision-making in Northern Ireland.

  • idunnomeself

    I’d say the exact opposite is true in most cases.

    What speedy action did the Assembly take on sewage, EU regulations, planning, rates, water charges?

    That’s just one Department..

    They did nothing, they avoided tough decisions wherever possible. it’s only the direct rule ministers who have got things moving.

    Our politicians don’t make decisions, they complain about them- no wonder none of them seem to mind the current suspension..

  • barnshee

    Here`s hoping direct rule lasts long enough to rid us of the nonsense that is local government. A swift cull of councils and directors of paper clips etc will save enough money to avoid the rates increases and the water charge.

    Leave the existing NUMBER of of councillors and no party can cry foul.