You ain't seen me, right?

Spotted in the Guardian Science and Technology jobs section, now there’s a target market, GCHQ are recruiting! Heard but not seen – Careers in British Intelligence – Computer Science, Electronics & Communications Cheltenham. The advert points out that they “prefer on-line applications”.. Really?

Where to begin?

Well I’m not doing any ‘oxymoron’ jokes for a start. But anyone thinking of submitting an unauthentic application on-line should consider that “GCHQ’s role is to provide intelligence from the interception and exploitation of foreign telecommunications and electronic signals”.

And you didn’t see this here, right?

15 thoughts on “You ain't seen me, right?”

  1. 40 vacancies for Linguists in Cheltenham ?
    Pay 20-24 K ? Come on , even a C of I Rector gets more these days !


    “THE minimum level of annual pay for a full-time Church of Ireland rector will climb to

  2. Davros

    Somehow I doubt that many people trained (or training) as a linguist would be deciding between that and being a C of I Rector.

    Perhaps your point would be better made if you used the starting wage level for a comparable job, as a translator for example?

  3. Pete … the C of I will take anybody 🙂

    Cheltenham we are talking about…. any idea of the cost of living there – try renting or buying a half way decent house on 20K.

  4. After tax! And considering you wont be getting the benefit of the pension for AGES!

    Asssuming the car allowance isn’t every year (maybe every third?). Feel like taking up the collar now?;o)

  5. Smcgiff: “Asssuming the car allowance isn’t every year”
    Article: “clergy also receive an annnual car allowance”

    Damn, such a great opportunity for a dig but I just don’t have the heart… 😉

  6. ‘Damn, such a great opportunity for a dig but I just don’t have the heart… ;)’

    Article! Article! I got no time to be reading no stinking article! ;o)

  7. ‘I’m already Ordained !’

    Fair play! COI? I’m going to take a huge leap and suggest it isn’t Free P! ;o)

  8. Only on this forum can we drift of from GHCQ and the world of Reilly Ace of Spies to the Church of Ireland within a mesaage:)

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