Tory MP "was FRU officer"…


  • Draoi

    Perhaps our old friend Martin Ingram could comment if there was a ‘Cease-fire Committee’and if it was FRU-related.


  • Jonathan McCullough

    What is the problem with a Member of Parliament having had practical experience in what is now referred to as “the war against terrorism”? I think he should be commended for this and, if anything, he deserves a further posting to Northern Ireland in this, his new political career. With his previous knowledge of the players in the scene I am sure he would make a great Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. For once we could have a Minister of State who knew as much about Sinn Fein as they know about him!

  • Belfast Gonzo

    I haven’t actually criticised Mercer.

    I’m just curious about this ‘Ceasefire Committee’ that he claims to have founded. He may not even have been FRU, but may have worked with them.

    ‘Martin Ingram’ reckons Mercer wasn’t in FRU, but that doesn’t mean the two didn’t have a relationship.