Tangential objectives

As the European Social Forum prepares to get under way in London, and Sinn Féin pay their fees and send a delegation to attend, the Guardian reports on the alternative conference, Beyond ESF, organised by grassroots activists (horizontals) who state that “the ESF has been ‘hijacked by authoritarian organisations'” (verticals).As the Guardian reports “internal splits, between grassroots activists on one side and key players and major sponsors on the other, have now broken into the open” leading to the “rival counter-conference to this week’s European Social Forum in London.. being planned to protest at the “hijacking” of the anti-war, global justice event by mainstream organisations”

The organisers of the alternative conference state: “Beyond ESF is radically different from the official ESF. No government sponsorship (GLA and mayor of London) and no political parties. There will be no ‘leading activists’, ‘big-name speakers’ or entrance fee.”