PEACE funding halved…

BOTH Jim Allister and Bairbre de Brun are united in their disappointment about the cut in EU PEACE funding.

  • peteb

    “United in their disappointment”, Gonzo.. but divided in who they blame.

  • Davros

    It Must have been a busy day for SF –

    The Belfast Telegraph reports that Eoin O’Broin is resigning his seat on Belfast Council to take on a European Role – zilch on the SF news site

    The Tele also reports that the Mr Rogan arrested by the Spanish Police was named as a Member of SF’s “International Department” in Court in 1996 – SF decline to comment.

    And more Trouble at Rathenraw. No mention of that on the SF website either 😉

  • willowfield

    According to the Telegraph, the Provos’ European office is going to be staffed by NINE people!! Isn’t that a tad over-the-top? Where are they getting their money?

  • Davros

    I’m glad to see that they are taking Europe seriously WF. However reading Adams comments, I suspect they are there to make sure that if and when a European Solution to Partition comes it will be to their liking.

    My hope as expressed here is that, as the Member states move closer and closer , all borders will gradually lose relevence and naturally wither away.

    Not so thunders Adams …He HAS to have his “Victory”, an active rather than a passive end to partition – of course he has. Otherwise Sinn F

  • Davros

    WF asks “Where are they getting their money?”

    and the first story that catches my eye this morning in the Irish Independent….

    Provisionals believed to be behind