IRA to strike commemorative medals

Noel Whelan asks a series of rhetorical questions about what looks like plans for the IRA to move out of action and into commemorative mode.

  • Jonathan McCullough

    One can imagine the proud inscriptions on the medals of the brave army of Ireland.

    “I blew up a hotel full of dog lovers” for La Mon.

    “I blew up a War memorial on Rememberance Sunday and killed a nurse and some senior citizens” for Enniskillen.

    “I blew up a fish shop because there were Protestants in it” for the Shankill bomber.

    I am sure they will all be proud.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    This story was floated about 2 or 3 years years ago, then it was laughed at and nothing came of it.
    It has only resurrected simply because that well known expert on internal IRA affairs, UVF bomber, David Ervine, waffled something about it at his UVF/PUP annual conference.
    Stories like this are a useful device for Mr Whelan et al to climb on a soap box, but that is about all.


    the only people who have received medals and promtions as a result of the deaths here are British security personnel. Time restraints and common dignity prevent me from getting involved in a round of whattaboutery.