Hearts and Minds: the 'loyalist ceasefire'?

Hearts and Minds looks good value tonight: “…the DUP and SF agree on one thing..time’s running out to make a comprehensive deal on restoring devolution. We ask them what they’re doing to make it happen. This week marks the tenth anniversary of the loyalist ceasefire…they’ve murdered 88 people in that decade..now they want more attention in the peace process. Would that stop the killing?”

  • Davros

    Irish News, page 18, had an interesting Article on the seven Loyalists who announced the ceasefire.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Saw H&M there.

    Thought the two loyalists – Ervine and Gallaher – came over as ever-so-slightly concerned that if decommissioning became a non-issue, they would have nothing to offer the peace process.

    For those who missed it, the loyalist debate comes down to this:

    Loyalists: “You DO want our guns, don’t you?”

    Government: “Well, we’re doing other things right now, but maybe we can hook up somtime, yah?”

    Loyalists: “But we might shoot each other!”

    Govt: “Well, that’s really awful, but I have these other parties like the DUP to worry about now.”

    Loyalists: “But, but, but… our communities are being destroyed!”

    Govt: “By yourselves.”

    Loyalists: “But look at the IRA. You gave them LOADS of stuff when they decommissioned weapons. Parity of esteem says we have to take our turn, and then you give us some cool stuff. Like ‘community grants’, eh Tone?”

    Govt: “The debate has kinda moved on. We want you to stop the criminal activity, the drug dealing, the racketeering, the extortion, the hijacking, the feuding, the kneecapping, the robberies, the petrol bombing, the intimidation and the killing.”

    Loyalists: “…and the guns?”

    Govt: “Oh yes. And the guns too.”

    Loyalists: “Look, if the Government doesn’t want our guns, you know what that means?”

    Govt: “You become irrelevant?”

    Loyalists slink off in huff to throw tantrum and petrol bombs for a while. Six die in feud. Life goes on for the rest of us.

    The End

  • irishman

    Gonzo, you left out one thing: more catholics die in between feuds- sorry, but life won;t go on for all of the rest of us.

  • Alan

    What got me was G’s comment when asked about arriving at an end to drug dealing. He switched tack – *But we have to think about the demand as well.*

    Well in one way yes, but in another way very definitely no.

  • Belfast Gonzo


    Yes, I suppose that’s true.


    You weren’t the only one thinking that!

  • Davros

    Thankfully that pattern seems to have moderated Gonzo. It’s now seen more in rhetoric than in reality, and the volume will probably increase when Rogan faces Trial. Man alleged to be Provo to be charged with extortion ( Downpatrick area) later today in Belfast Crown Court according to the Irish News.