Ireland's Wednesday Night!

Sounds like both Irish sides are doing well. Austria has only just edged ahead of a fighting NI side 3-2, and the Republic is just barely managing to stay ahead of the Faroes.

  • Davros

    3 all now Mick 🙂
    Poor Finland! We had better be nice to Maca 😉

  • Keith M

    Two poor results, but at least both are better than Scotland’s and Wales’. England are all but qualified, and the Republic’s is “pick any two from four”.

  • Fraggle

    I disagree.

    2-0 against the Faroes is a bit ropey but 3 points are three points.

    I don’t know if you knew it was a draw for the north but a draw against austria is superb. better than i was expecting. loved healy’s goal.

    elsewhere, leichtenstein beat luxembourg 4-0! good for them.

  • peteb

    Congratulations/commiserations(delete as appropriate) to everyone concerned, even leichtenstein Fraggle.

    Now, if the Red Sox can level the series by beating the Yankees later tonight everyone will be happy!

  • Michael Shilliday

    the yankees are too strong – it just wont happen!

  • peteb

    Go Sox! :op

  • yer_man

    Just back from an absolutely nail biting night at Windsor. Northern Ireland had the beating of Austria and are actually unlucky to only have come away with a draw. We held them deep in their own half for long spells of the game and forced their keeper into a few good saves.

    Unfortunately they were reshaping after going 2-1 up and let in the quick equaliser. I honestly believe that if we had held them at that time then NI would have went on to win. I think Roy Carrol might well have a few questions to answer about letting the ball in at the near post too.

    However, they didnt give up and definately the last minute equaliser was the least they deserved after some questionable antics by the Austrial central defenders who seemed to hit the deck at the meerest touch and I think the reception the referee got as he left the pitch just about summed up some of his decisions.

    With four played at least we are now above Wales in the group. Qualification is out of the question now unfortunately, but the target is finishing third in the group – not impossible by any means.

  • maca

    Davros, the Finns should stick to something they are good at, like ice hockey, or even ice fishing!

    Poor result for ROI in my opinion, but 3 pts none the less.
    Fair dues to the North, I expected they’d get walloping.

  • Davros

    I thought you said they got beaten at the Ice Hockey as well ? 😉

    Just finished watching a wonderful program about Brian Clough. Pics of an incredibly young looking Martin O’Neill in the Glory Days at Forest.

    Clough standing up in the audience when Parkinson was was Interviewing M Ali and telling him off for losing his temper… and the absolute Gem – Clough talking of his love for Frank Sinatra’s Music –
    “He met me once ” !

  • maca

    “I thought you said they got beaten at the Ice Hockey as well ?”

    Aye but at least they made it to the World Cup final! They’re a LONG way from that in soccer.

  • smcgiff

    Big change in NI soccer.

    From trying to make something from beating the giants of Caribbean football* to being disappointed at not beating a decent European team is a colossal leap. NI were all over Austria (I

  • yer_man

    Couldnt agree more smcgiff.

    The transformation from the rubbish we had to endure under McIlroy is great to see. NI are getting back to the levels they should be at. No-one expects brilliance, and qualification this time is out of the window, but we shouldnt be finishing bottom of the group every time we go into the qualifying rounds. Fighting for third place is the aim this time round.

    Windsor is now becoming a bit of a fortress for NI, and the atmosphere inside the ground now at every match is something else. If you could measure atmosphere per person inside the ground then I think a lot of other international stadiums would find it hard to compete.

    Shame about the referee waving cars around like it was Christmas and blowing his whistle like he was at a dodgy rave, but then you have to live with these things sometimes.

  • peteb

    The referee was “waving cars around”, yer_man?

    Sheessh.. I wouldn’t argue with him then. ;o)

  • Ziznivy

    One of the most exciting games I’ve seen at WIndsor in some time, admittedly aided by a woeful display of defending. The spirit in the Northern Ireland team was high and that enabled us to rescue the point after the crushing blow of their two goals. The referee didn’t help our cause much.

  • maca

    “Shame about the referee waving cars around like it was Christmas”

    he must have been watching Oprah.