US deports former paramilitaries…

Belfast Telegraph journalist Mary Fitzgerald on the way US anti-terrorism laws have led to the deportation of former prisoners released under the terms of the Belfast Agreement. Much hinges on Immigration judge Rose Peters’s ruling earlier this year that Sean O’Ceallaigh’s conviction for the killing of two British soldiers was ‘purely political’.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    “What Ciaran did was not terrorist-related,” she [Heaven Ferry] said. “He was released from jail under a political agreement — that makes it very obviously political.”

    Errrr… it was ‘political’, therefore it wasn’t ‘terrorism’? Eh?

    Isn’t terrorism, by definition, necessarily political?

  • Davros

    Good Point Gonzo.

    The article raises several issues.

    Illegal immigrants are being deported from the USA. Why should this one be treated any differently?

    A question for Irish-Americans – would you treat these men differently if he was a brown-skinned Muslim who had been convicted of similar offences against Israelis?

    Did the men get approval from HMG before leaving the UK/ROI ? Obviously they have been released on conditional parole. Their convictions have NOT been overturned. They are out on the understanding that they can and will be returned to prison if they become re-involved in terrorism/violence/armed struggle ( delete as appropriate)

    Terrorism shouldn’t be rewarded. If these people are given rights that Irish people who weren’t convicted of Murder etc are denied, it’s a fine message to send to the Kids being “recruited” at present.

  • James

    Just back from seeing how this shower lives.

    “A question for Irish-Americans” has an answer you already know. Of course non-whites will be treated differently. If our countries weren’t racist why would we have all those laws against hate crimes and racist acts?

    Migra is playing a straight CYA game by sticking to the letter of the law and bucking any and all problems up to the judiciary. As to these guys getting caught for lying on their applications: Our turf, our rules.

    Now if you can get an immigration judge to buy into treating your conviction on a scheduled offense as a political act and also get them to buy in to the rest of the charade including the false statements, then place you offering on the altar of the fifth Amendment and welcome to the USA.