Lost in translation…

JEEKERS oh! Someone at The Academy of Ulster-Scots (Ullans) Limited has trade marked the word ‘Ullans’. This is the Ulster-Scotch word for ‘Ulster-Scots’ (the dialect, as opposed to the people or culture), as coined by Belfast Councillor and Ulster-Scots Agency board member Ian Adamson.

  • peteb


    That first link isn’t quite right.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Thanks. Fixed it.

  • smcgiff

    But, wouldn’t that be the same as trying to trademark, Irish or English? Which, correct me if I’m wrong would not be possible.

    Is this because Ulster-Scots or Ullans is not an official language?

    Strange one.

  • Mogga

    I doubt that this trademark would be enforceable – all one would have to do is show prior usage in the particular area that the trade mark applies to – something which would not be hard to do in the case of Ullans.
    I don’t think that the trademark was allowed because of the status of Ullans or anything like that but rather because who ever dealt with the application didn’t understand what Ullans is and how widely used it is. I’m sure that had the Paten Office done a bit of research they would have disallowed this application.