Collusion claims lead to censorship…

THINGS are heating up on a couple of republican bulletin boards. On the General Board at Danny Morrison’s site it claims “You can talk about anything here”… as long it’s not collusion, apparently. Even ‘Martin Ingram’ joined in before the shutters were pulled down, leading to a peculiar game of ‘Guess the ex-FRU agent’s real name’. Bizarre stuff.

  • Jonathan McCullough

    How ironic that a website run by Irish republicans should seek to censor reports of collusion. If they want a public enquiry into alleged state collusion with illegal organisations then surely they want that enquiry to show the extent of ALL such alleged collusion?? Any of the normal shinners on here care to disagree on this point? I wouldn’t like to hold my breath waiting on Sinn Fein to call for an enquiry into collusion between republican informers and the State.

  • Davros

    Mick Hall has an article in The Blanket on Ingrams “presence” on the site.

  • Panda

    Thank you for the link, Davros.
    Now which leading lights do you think would have the most to lose if we started having enquiries into Republican and state collusion?
    Isn’t life ironic

  • Davros

    It is. The fake outrage and crocodile tears must be difficult to maintain. Meanwhile the families of the disappeared wait. Good for the APNI and SDLP.
    Less than impressed with the charade an Firhinne put on at Stormont.

  • aquifer

    Why censor? Was someone going to sue, or does flogging this collusion horse risk someone asking what word can describe IRA supporters secretly targetting acquantances and work colleagues, and surreptuously gathering information knowing it would be used to plan murder. How can they expect to endlessly hold the state to a standard they never aspired to themselves, repeatedly writing cheques on an ethical bank account they paid nothing into. With the IRA, conspiracy to murder was the rule, not the exception. Nobody owed them victory.

  • Belfast Gonzo


    Re: Ingram.

    Apparently, it is him. Assuming it is, and my sources would normally be reliable, his posts are hardly revealing, well written or very interesting.

    I suspect his motives for appearing on the board, are more about appearing on the board than anything else.

  • Irishgael

    😉 You can talk about collusion at if you want. It’s a new Irish Forum