Beyond religion roadshow…

Malachi O’Doherty and Robbie Meredith have been trying to raise the standard debate on religion belief and disbelief in Northern Irelnad with their Get Thee Behind Me, Jesus show in Derry and Larne recently. Amongst the most interesting questions they ask, is:

“whether Protestants and Catholics, with their very different religious conditioning, arrive at different perspectives on the world, even after they’ve come out of their religious background and shaken off the indoctrination – if they ever do”. Shades of Russell’s Why I’m Not A Christian (the book), particularly his essay on On Catholic and Protestant Skeptics?

  • smcgiff

    In general, both religion and politics are a result of upbringing, so those souls that decide to question their belief are not likely to question their politics.

    I’d venture there would a greater incidence of people changing religion (or loosing it) than political allegiance (esp. in a NI context) or, for that matter, changing the football teams they support since childhood.

    There’s a term for common traits that are not dependent on each other. Can’t think of it though.