Beheading and the role of video…

David Vance links to a Mark Steyn piece on the killing of Ken Bigley. Regarding public taste and decency it’s right on the edge. It’s not in the least surprising the Daily Telegraph pulled its publication. In parts, it is every bit as offensive as the Billy Connelly quote, which provoked Eilis O’Hanlon’s ire last weekend.But he argues that in the UK and Ireland that we’ve been missing the effects elsewhere of the fate of other hostages. And in particular how the gruesome videos have been used selectively for PR effect:

“…consider Fabrizio Quattrocchi, murdered in Iraq on April 14th. In the moment before his death, he yanked off his hood and cried defiantly, “I will show you how an Italian dies!” He ruined the movie for his killers. As a snuff video and recruitment tool, it was all but useless, so much so that the Arabic TV stations declined to show it”.

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