"Jaysus, what did you expect?"

Peter Lennon in the Guardian recalls the smothering in Ireland, by “church and state”, of his controversial 1968 film “Rocky Road to Dublin”, now fully restored and to be screened in a double-bill with a ‘making of’ documentary this Saturday at the Cork Film Festival, and contrasts the reaction here to that of the French in the revolutionary ambience of Paris 1968.

  • Davros

    That’s an excellent article Pete. Thanks.

  • Dag

    I can remember- as I am a product of that time P Lennon writes about – that I would probably have told him to shut up too. That is the way it was – the irish used the clergy as a KGB because they wanted them to act so. I had all my schooling from the Christian Brothers of the strict school but, unfortunately, I found that in their schools sex seldom if ever reared its head – it would have been welcomed as would have been any sort of light relief from the tedious grind. The widespread abuse in residential schools is something else – however, there was a period in the UK some years ago when they were finding widespread child abuse (and high level cover ups- at county council level) in UK residential schools & orphanages. eg. North Wales, etc etc. Today the police seem to be mainly trawling for cases in the Catholic sector. My main point is that the Catholic church was our social services – with so many institutions and the cruel Jansenist system clergy were trained under in the first part of the 20th century abuse was inevitable. As a practising Catholic I am so glad it has all come out, and that there is some compensation, and I am so ashamed when I read of a case, it is a very big bag of emotions indeed. But I would say to others – are you sure your house is in order?

  • Davros

    “That is the way it was – the irish used the clergy as a KGB because they wanted them to act so.”

    Would the other Posters from the ROI agree with this claim that the Irish people wanted to live in a repressive state ?