Ervine: ground breaking IRA move

David Ervine reckons there is a serious move coming from the IRA. He warns Loyalists that in the wake of such a measure that they will be in the spotlight, rather than the IRA.

  • chunkyguy

    I welcome david ervines optimism but IM not entirely sure that the loyalist paramiliatarys will slink off into obsurity after their raison d’etre- namely the ira disbands!

  • Davros

    It will be interesting to see what price is asked for a loyalist equivalent. A dangerous precedent was established in how Sinn F

  • idunnomeself

    They’ll ask or money, and lots of it, for ‘deprived loyalist areas’ and complain when some pesky civil servant stops them spending it on trips to Rangers matches and Disney Land.

    They aren’t terribly sophisticated