Congratulations and Commiserations

A 0-0 draw can obviously be both a ‘win’ and a ‘loss’. It’s worth a single point in both cases though.

  • maca

    Poor result for both teams IMHO. That was ROI’s best chance at France for quite a while (can’t believe France are ranked 2nd in world), and the North really should be winning those kind of games, no excuse really.

  • Fraggle

    didn’t catch the northern match as I was on the road but the republic looked strong. they could make it out of this group yet, particularly with israel taking points from everyone. was it just me or was the swiss match a tougher challenge than last night?

  • yer_man

    Listened to the match on the radio. Its a shame that Healy and Capaldi were out of the game. I think if they both had been playing then Northern Ireland might have squeezed the result they deserved. Carlos Alberto didnt exactly cover himself in glory with his comments after the match but that’s a different story.

    However, definately not a backward step and you never know what will happen on Wednesday night. I’ll be in the kop as usual hoping that we can pull a result out of the bag. Dont think anyone really expects NI to qualify, but a credible performance in the group this time and you never know what might happen in the next Euro qualifiers. Plus we have the added possibility of maybe beating the Welsh at Windsor.

  • pieman

    what on earth did carlos albeto say yer man? – given i’m on another continent i must have missed that

  • Gerry O’Sullivan


    Basically, he was complaining about how Northern ireland approached the game. You can read a full account about it here

  • Ziznivy

    I think we will see how good or bad a point the Azerbaijan game becomes on Wednesday. With a depleted squad we simply found it too hard to break the Azeris down in the 2nd half when Northern Ireland were clearly dominant.

    A win against Austria will put a different slant on the result though. It will being to look like a hard won, useful point. The problem is the same as ever for Northern Ireland. With Healy out, no-one looked like to put the ball in the net.

  • smcgiff

    Anybody surprised that the Beeb showed the ROI vs France and not the NI game?

  • Michael Shilliday

    considering the bbc lost the rights to ni away games to sky…no not really!

    Austria will be a tough game, they’re not as good as they once were, but we will struggle I feel.

    The one real sore spot in the ni game is still passing, once we can finally string 5 passes together regularly, we’ll start knocking on some doors.

  • maca

    I think NI have (unfortunatly) little chance against Austria. If they couldn’t beat Azerbaijan what chance do they have against a team 29 or so places higher up the rankings? They really need to be beating those poorer teams if they want to get anywhere.

    As for rankings, NI have dropped a place and ROI have gained 2 places since last month.

  • Ziznivy

    I don’t really agree with that maca. Azerbaijan is a difficult place to go. No team will relish the trip there. Our squad was already looking distinctly threadbare with pull-outs and injuries. Northern Ireland have a tradition of playing better against stiffer opposition and I was far from impressed by the Austrian team that played the Poles on Saturday night in any case. I think we will certainly get a draw and are well capable of winning. I’m looking forward to Wednesday and getting behind the lads again as well as hearing the travel tales from the Caucasus.

  • idunnomeself

    We couldn’t beat Azerbijan with most of our first team out, including our better forward players. We’d have won with them on the pitch. Most of them’ll be back for Austria, and we could win.. I’d say ‘should’ if it wasn’t for years of bitter experience..

    How can we drop places when we draw away with teams far above us?

    Anyway the ground’ll be full and a sea of green on Wednesday and I’m looking forward to it.

    (PS our real objective isn’t to qualify, but to improve our seeding by finishing above Wales or Austria)

  • maca

    No harm in a bit of optimism I suppose 😉