In the confusion of the mob?

A Tangled web newbie Courthawk, has this tragi-comic account of intimidation in North Belfast last year.

  • Panda

    I don’t believe this happened, sectarian hooligans operating out of the nationalist/Republican communities of N.Belfast don’t exist.
    I’ve lived/used to live in this area(wherever it is)all my life and it’s the nasty Oranges that did all the intimidating whilst we cowered frightened, petrol bombs in hand, too frightened even to shout” Prods Out”.
    The family in question obviously made up this allegation in order to get a new property from the Executive-what do they expect living in an interface area.
    I’m just off now for a friendly bit of banter with our Unionist friends at the Oldpark ‘face.

  • Fraggle

    Mick, too much tangled web can’t be good for your mental health. Just look at poor raving andrew.

  • David Vance


    Save your concerns for those fools who deny that this sort of intolerance happens. They can be located as readily on Slugger as ATW.