England's first Irish theme pub…

I just found this story about the first Irish theme pub in Britain, which began in Liverpool (where I spent my first year in Britain) in 1984.

It opened just after I left. Perhaps surprisingly there weren’t many Irish pubs in Liverpool compared with Manchester, Leeds or Birmingham back then, even though a large proportion of the population considered themselves of Irish origin. There were plenty of reminders of home in the familiar paramilitary slogans on the streets. The Orange Order marched that year from sometime in March until November, without any communial rancour that I recall.

  • smcgiff

    I’m getting a Liverpool vibe off of Slugger today. Up the scousers!!

  • Ziznivy

    Ah yes. England play Wales tomorrow. And Northern Ireland? Will they play Azerbaijan. Must have missed where that’s been mentioned today.

  • ricardo

    How long till we see the first English themes pub in Ireland?

  • George

    Sadly, Bigley has been beheaded according to Arab TV.

  • smcgiff

    I’m sick to my stomach. At least it’s over for him now.

    A vile, vile death. All it goes to prove is that these animals cannot be allowed to govern anybody.

  • Fraggle

    He may not be dead. there have been false reports before, notable regarding the now freed italian aid workers.

  • George

    Press Association are running chronologies and all so there appears to be a good deal of substance behind the report of Bigley’s murder.