Strange allies…

Not sure of the authentic nature of this story but according to the Libertarian blogger at Squander Two there have been some strange alliances being made recently.

  • Keith M

    Reminds me of the story about how all the Cuban solidarity material and posters of Castro and Che Guevara had to be removed from the SF/IRA offices before any Noraid visit.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    AFAIK, it’s largely true (don’t know which loyalist group it was – the UDA/UFF/LVF had closer links to the NF/C18/BNP crews than the UVF then), but it happened two or three years ago.

    It was in response to the Palestinian flags in republican areas, to show solidarity with the Palestinians, with whom republicans largely sympathise.

    Funnily enough, neither Palestinians nor Israelis in Belfast seemed to appreciate it. One Palestinian family was put out of their home by loyalists after the flags appeared. Suddenly they found they were ‘republicans’ in the eyes of some knuckle-draggers.

    The small Jewish community said very little, understandably, but I spoke to one who said there was a lot of concern that they would be associated with loyalism by some republicans.