What happened to our National Park…?

A few years back there was some speculation about two new national parks, one in Scotland and the other in the Mournes. Well the Scots have their park, but where’s ours? Reader Stephen asks: Is this the product of a failed executive, or just an indication of how much less efficient sectarian politics will always be?

  • maca

    National parks are one thing but it seems rather than adding parks we are dropping territory, if you go by the BBC that is. Spot the not in the BBC’s map of Ireland.

    First Wales, now this??

  • Billy Pilgrim

    Jesus, I was up in Inishowen just last month. Beautiful, windswept place, chock full of presbyterians. All gone now. Tragic. There was a gorgeous barmaid in Crandonagh – hope she got away all right…

    This now presents a new challenge though to pub quiz buffs across Ireland: with Malin head gone, what is the northernmost point in Ireland?

    (I reckon it’s Fanad head in Co Donegal, though Benbane head in Co Antrim runs it close. Also, I think Rathlin island would be further north. But the most notherly point on the mainland is still in the south. See how absurd partition is?)

  • maca

    It’s easy to find Muff in Inishowen, so i’ve heard. *wink wink*

    Fanad, now there’s a nice spot.

  • Gerry O’Sullivan


    It’s easy to find Muff in Inishowen, so i’ve heard. *wink wink*

    Isn’t there a diving club there?

    *exaggerated wink wink*

  • smcgiff

    Looks like someone has taken a bite out of our gummy bear. :o(