Paulin in the Gaeltacht

Enjoyable and wide-ranging article in the LRB by Tom Paulin

  • Davros

    What a man! 🙂

    “>Drumcree Four

  • Davros

    WTF ?

    The Link shows up in the Preview!

    Drumcree Four

    Tom Paulin
    Saturday February 5, 2000
    The Guardian

    The preacher
    you know that costive overreacher
    the mate of biblebashing lechers
    says the Twelfth will be the settling
    time then reaches
    for his blackthorn
    and marches to the barricade
    – no more
    flicks this time of the Orange Card
    – they’re in a tribal huff
    it is a standoff
    I listen to the radio
    I read the papers
    but how this caper
    will end no one knows
    only the word settle
    its clanky its metallic
    even archaic sound
    hits the ear
    like listening to a battered kettle
    or a tin can
    being kicked across a patch
    of rocky ground
    or concrete walkway –
    should we cut an eyepatch
    for the pirate preacher
    then snap his stick?
    he claims this patch of ground’s
    his tribe’s alone
    and through a megaphone
    he gulders with a deep thick
    ululating wheezing sound
    that strains like Ulster
    in a bulging holster
    that bible uniform
    pressed by what his father stuck
    to – now watch the British state
    as with fairness and no hate
    it grasps the nettle
    and says – walk? no way,6000,132684,00.html

  • Keith M

    At least it keeps him off the television.

  • Davros

    He’s the best reviewer on Newsnight!
    Still chuckling at his demolition of Louis de B’s latest offering.

  • Keith M

    I can’t agree Davros, but I do look forward to his occasional showdowns with Germaine Greer. It’s about the only time I have sympathy for Greer.

  • Ziznivy

    I have a great deal of sympathy with his views on Salman Rushdie’s butchery of the English language.

  • slackjaw

    Speaking of the London Review of Books site, there are an excellent pair of articles by Andrew O’Hagan on the Democratic and Republican conventions.

    No butcher of the English language he. 🙂

  • groucho

    Tom Paulin is the best thing on Late Review. He hit it on the nail with Louis de B’s latest offering. He must be due an impersonation by Alastair McGowan by now?

  • peteb

    One Tom Paulin is enough, groucho ;o)

  • groucho

    and is it just me, or do BBC2 deliberately not put Germaine “I invented feminism” Greer with another woman on their panels. She’s never too friendly with the sisters!

  • peteb

    For the benefit of his many fans

    Tonight’s Newsnight Review guests are – Tim Lott, Aminatta Forna and….. Tom Paulin!

  • Davros

    That’s such a

  • peteb

    Tom Paulin on Metallica – “trucks on a motorway”

  • Davros

    Man is a genius 🙂

  • peteb

    David Trimble, sketched

    His face more head than face
    as if straitlaced he’s wearing
    a permanent hard hat
    except for men in blue suits
    a hard hat is an item
    of temporary headgear
    and a bluesuited man with such
    a bakelite hat he
    looks always slightly daft
    – anxious ill at ease
    not much swearing
    and somewhere deep down in a tremble
    unlike a man in a donkey jacket
    or vest – a man
    who’s not just visiting the site
    but is part of the mess
    the whole works all that shite
    – he knows how to hack it
    as here and now we wait
    for more deadlines more dates
    and that access of authority
    which every site foreman
    has got to possess
    – I see mud pallets of breezeblocks
    and bricks wrapped in stretched cellophane
    stacks upon stacks upon stacks
    above them a longlegged crane
    (not a fly)
    that might just stumble

  • GavBelfast

    I don’t recall what he was talking about, but one of his more memorable critiques about a film a few years ago on ‘Newsnight Review’ had him quite apoplectic with disdain for the offering concerned, which he concluded was “a bag of boke”.

    Not much doubt there, then.

  • dror ben adam

    The Terrorism Act 2000, section 59, states: “A person commits an offence if he incites another person to commit an act of terrorism wholly or partly outside the United Kingdom.” The first such “act of terrorism” cited is murder. Moreover, the act states that “it is immaterial whether or not the person incited is in the United Kingdom at the time of the incitement.”

    Paulin has made inciteful comments that contradict this law, yet he was never sued for that, cause he’s just an anti-semite.

    He’s a despicable person and a louzy poet.

  • Davros

    “cause he’s just an anti-semite”

    He supports the Palestinians vs the Israelis.
    Did you realise that Arabs are semites ?

    “He’s a despicable person and a louzy poet.”

    Your opinion. I think he’s a fine poet.

  • dror ben adam

    It’s my opinion, of course!

    Did you know that antisemite is NOT the opposite of Semite???

    If not you should do more research.

    He doesn’t just support the Palestinians vs. the Israelis, but rather uses freedom of speech to make inflammatory calls to kill jews.

    That’s a call for murder, nothing less!

  • Davros

    “Did you know that antisemite is NOT the opposite of Semite???

    If not you should do more research.”

    One can be a Jewish anti-semite.

  • dror ben adam

    Of course one can be a jewish antiseite, and you don’t have to look too far, doctor Howard F. Stein, Noam Chomsky both American, Dr. Ilan Pape from Haifa University, and many other Israelis from the left!

    But it has nothing to do with what I posted claiming that Antisemite is NOT the opposite of Semite!

    Try reading it again.

  • Dag

    Beileve it or not, I don’t know anything about Tom Paulin. But I did hear him talk about killing Israelis. Sort of 6th form stuff. I don’t know if Paulin counts himself as Irish Irish or British, but there is a slight trend in irish ‘intelligentsia’ to be ant-semitic. It is totally out of place, historically. I took a particular distaste to Ulick O’Connor’s autobiography of (that Dublin medical man cum poet of the 20’s who was Buck Mulligan in Joyce)where he recounts a slander case against a Dublin Jewish shopkeeper. The overtly dispicable way non-sequitors are brought in when describing this shopkeeper was disgusting. Why rub in non relevant disgusting description? The great Irish writers, Wilde, Shaw, Joyce, Brendan Behan, Flann O’Brien did not attack Jews in order to ingratiate themselves with the establishment (the Anglo Irish establishment was quite antiSemitic). I am not Jewish – the question is – what have the Jews ever done against us?