In Cork…

Mark Steel remarked last week, on discovering that the Speigeltent did not sell Guinness, that whilst enjoying the benefits of the new prosperity, the Irish should not discard all the trappings of the past. One extraordinary reminder of the past greets every in-coming visitor to Cork airport: an old gas fire, with fake coal effect, bedecked with horse brasses and completed with a set of comfy seats. Take the weight off your feet and ignore the draft, whilst you wait for your bags to arrive on the carousel.

Not sure it will survive the massive refurbishment of the airport in time for 2005. And thanks to Cork-based American blogger William Sjostrom, for this cute way of getting back at noisy neighbours.

  • Davros

    “the Irish should not discard all the trappings of the past.”

    Like having a ciggie with your pint ? 😉

  • George

    There will be no German beer for sale in the stadiums at the 2006 World Cup, only American Budweiser, and you could only get Heineken at the 2004 Athens Games. Only Walkers Crisps allowed at next year’s Cricket world championships.

    It’s called exclusive sponsorship, nothing to do with disgarding anything.