DUP in Dublin to do business…

Maurice Hayes is convinced that there’s been a substantial change in the character of the DUP’s political project. And the paper’s editorial confirms this perception viewed in the long term.

“Any settlement involving Sinn Fein in government will be a hard sell for the DUP leadership – impossible if it does not have the Doc’s thumb print on it – which is why his presence in Dublin is so important and so significant. The visit too, the fact that it was pre-announced and the general public and political welcome in Dublin is another benchmark in the normalisation of politics in the North. It was a business meeting. People came to do business, not to bluster and the evidence suggests that that is what they did”.

The Examiner is worried about Sinn Fein’s concerns over the DUP’s proposed changes.

  • AndrewD

    Times have changed.

    Before November Last year I never thought that I’d see the DUP go to Dublin to meet the Irish Government, especially in public!

    However I am sure that this is one of many.

  • Rebecca Black

    Any read in the papers about President Mary McAleese crying with joy about Paisley coming to Dublin to talk to the Irish gov!

    also gregory campbell made a great comment about the Irish gov having nothing to fear from the DUP….how times change!

  • willowfield

    More humble pie for the DUP.

    What a hypocritical shower they are.

  • Butterknife

    “The times are a changing”

    Let us hope this is not another of their infamous political stunts and it is one of substance.

  • Keith M

    willowfield “More humble pie for the DUP.”.

    I cannot see any logic in this. The Irish government have slowly but steadily moved to remove the claim to Northern Ireland and gone are the days of Irish ministers using the old mantra of “seeing a united Ireland before they die”.

    Also until last year’s election victory by the DUP the Irish (and UK) governments did everything they could to excthe DUP, believing that the Belfast Agreement was the only show in town and “there was no Plan B”. Of course all this did was to galvanise unionist support behind the DUP, to a point where for the first time ever they are the biggest party in N.I. (both at assembly and parliamentary level). The DUP can no longer be ignored.

    Just as the governments realise that a new deal cannot be done without the DUP, the DUP have recognised the role of the Irish government in finding a solution. There’s no humble pie when you’re dining at the top table while those that you suplanted are now relying on scraps.

  • Butterknife

    Keith i like the way you are now attempting to change the tune after the many comments you have posted in the past to the contrary.
    The executive in Ireland is named “The Republican Party”. This is what Paisley fought agaisnt in the 1960s etc. Stop trying to make excuses for the DUP.