Keeping politics going in government

As Labour meets in Brighton for its annual party conference, Tom Kelly’s been considering the difficulty in keeping the new Labour project moving, whilst staying in government. He also makes an interesting comparison between Labour and the trade union movement on one hand, and the UUP and the Orange Order on the other.

By Tom Kelly

As Labour delegates gather in Brighton, it would seem that the burden of office is becoming too much for some of them. Somehow they have forgotten how hard it was to convince the public to trust them with the running of government.

Outside the conference centre every type of malcontent is gathering, placards in hand and chants at the ready. Tory fox hunter is shoulder to shoulder with Militant supporters and anti-war groupies are joined by fathers battling for justice.

Funny enough, one does not see angry masses of Northern Ireland citizens joining protesters calling for a return of devolution. I wonder why not? Could they share the sentiments of Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind in that

  • maca

    Off on a tangent (apologies) did anyone read Bono’s speech at the conference? I thought it was very good (for an interfering rock star).