Charter debate: more questions than answers

The e-debate has been slow to start, but there’s been some interesting questions that have arisen out of the first few days of discussion. Here’s a short outline of some of the main points so far. Colin Harvey will have more questions tomorrow.

The discussion so far has raised more questions than answers. The primary one being whether we really need an all island charter when, in theory at least, the European Convention on Human Rights already covers both parts of the island? There

  • peteb


    You ask “Is it possible that an informal charter can bridge the gap? [between a Bill of Rights in NI and the European convention as incorporated into Irish Law]”. In my view that’s precisely what the Charter should do.

    I have already posted a comment on the reasons why I believe the programmatic charter would be the wrong choice. But it’s also the idea that the charter itself should seek to ‘enhance’ any particular ‘group

  • willowfield

    Why do we need (a) additional rights to those already in the European Convention, and (b) these additional rights to be on an all-Ireland basis?

  • Donaloc

    Just thought that this conversation was happening in the absence of any recognition that Sinn Fein has been consulting widely in the community/voluntary sectors and with ngos on its draft Rights for All Charter.

    See below (from the SF website):

    The creation of an Irish freedom charter — a charter for justice and peace in Ireland, a charter that brings together the demands for political and social and economic freedom — was first raised by Gerry Adams during the peace process.

    For Sinn F

  • willowfield

    Sinn F

  • Mick Fealty

    Willow, play the ball – it’s more interesting.

  • Davros

    Donaloc is right to raise the SF document … it’s worth reading. They struggle at times.

  • willowfield

    Equal rights for all;

    Equal rights for all to be targeted by the Provos?

    Democracy — making it representative, accountable and responsive to people’s needs;

    Is that democracy with or without private armies?

    Children’s rights;

    Does that include the right not to suffer punishment beatings?

    People with disabilities reaching their potential;

    Including those disabled as a result of shootings, bombings, beatings, etc.?

    The right to work – employment and trade union rights;

    Including the right not to be put out of work by terrorist destruction of the economy?

    Justice, the judiciary, policing and public safety;

    Does that include Provo kangaroo justice?

  • Mick Fealty

    What’s the feeling about implementation in the Republic?

  • Davros

    Stormont venue for major discussion on All Ireland ‘Rights for All’ Charter

    Published: 2 September, 2004

    Sinn Fein Human Rights and Equality Spokesperson, South Down MLA Caitr

  • Davros

    Wow !

  • peteb

    You keep posting all their documents here, Davros, and ‘the Yanks’ will start thinking of a different HQ to hit ;o)