Blair pace-maker

Yes that’s ‘pace-maker’, not ‘peace-maker’ – or at least “a device to steady an irregular heartbeat” – which actually seems to mean a 90 minute “non-surgical procedure under local anaesthetic”. However, if that doesn’t work… According to the BBC report, last year’s health scare has recurred in the last two months… mmm.. now what’s been happening that could have contributed to that, I wonder… Oh, and one more term and that’s it… Gordon.. Oh, Gordon!

  • Davros

    Hmmm Tony Brings Milburn in from the cold and suddenly his appointment arrives for the operation …

    Coincidence ?

    I think we should be told!

  • willowfield

    Blair says he’ll serve a full third term and then retire.

    Doesn’t ring true – I can’t envisage a scenario where a party leader would retire immediately prior to an election, leaving his successor to fight the election without having had any time to establish himself as leader.

  • PS

    You obviously haven’t read First Among Equals WF!

  • willowfield

    Jeffrey Archer? Certainly not!