Charter debate: why have one at all?

We’ve had a few good starters to the e-debate, raising questions about the precise nature of any proposed instrument. There is some scepticism over the workablity/desirablity of an enforceable document. Over the next fortnight we’ll be examining four general questions, which will help frame the discussions to be initiated at the Seminar in UCC this Saturday. And, in turn, we’ll be bringing you informed perspectives that arise from the seminar next week.

From Colin Harvey

  • willowfield

    How do you take part in the e-debate?

  • Mick Fealty

    In the usual way willowfield. Just give us your views here. Every couple of days I’ll do a summary of views and I hope we’ll get some responses from those attending, both before, during and after the Saturday real time event!

    All relevant comments here will be wrapped into the appendix of a final report!