Daphne was second choice for Lagan Valley showdown….

THE Tele reveals that Daphne Trimble was not the UUP’s first choice to stand against Jefrey Donaldson in Lagan Valley – it was former RIR soldier Colonel Tim Collins, of Iraq war fame. This appears to be the second time Collins has rejected an offer to stand for the UUP.

  • Butterknife

    Second choice? When was the seelction meeting???

  • davidbrew

    a soldier with the wit to know he was being sent into the Valley of Death. Trimble should be told- they teach a thing called strategy at Sandhurst-it’s more effective than jealousy or revenge in politics .

  • Ringo

    All that ‘magnanimous in victory’ thing might be fine in Iraq, but it has no place in NI politics.

  • Butterknife

    Some say that the ‘magnanimous in victory’ speech was given as the ex-SAS officer knew of his forthcoming investigation, but of course not I.

  • Rebecca Black

    dunno who leaked this but the story has been going around for quite a while and not only with lagan valley, there are rumours that Tim Collins has been approached by several constituencies about running as their candidate.

    However, it is slightly unrealistic, I think if Collins stands anywhere its going to be a safe Tory seat somewhere on the mainland.

  • Davros

    “All that ‘magnanimous in victory’ thing might be fine in Iraq, but it has no place in NI politics.”

    Are you referring to the rather unpleasant and VERY premature victory speech by Martin ” Orange B’s” Meehan Ringo ?