Senior PSNI representative at Croke Park

Deputy Chief Constable Paul Leighton in the News Letter this morning, after attending yesterday’s Gaelic Athletic Association All-Ireland football final in Croke Park: “My interest in the sport has grown through our own PSNI team and I would like to congratulate both teams on their performance today” Thanks to reader Richard.

  • davidbrew

    Things they never say-
    “My interest in the Orange Order has grown through our own PSNI Lodge and I would like to congratulate them on their turnout on the Twelfth”


    “We discourage officers from belonging to any organisation -including the GAA- which is perceived by one section of the community to be partial in matters political, cultural or religious, and will require all officers to register their membership of the GAA”

    obviously the first hamfisted effort of the new PSNI press officer, fresh from her work for Fianna Fail. I fear it will impress no-one-not even Alex Attwood