Clash of human rights and religious sentiment

As a warmer for tomorrow’s Charter of Rights e-debate, David Aaronvitch with an argument that the UN Declaration is too blunt an instrument to deal with the sensitivities of various religious groupings.

  • peteb

    That’s not quite the argument I read in David Aaronovitch’s article, Mick.

    He seems to be saying that the UN declaration is absolutely fine but that there needs to be a stronger argument put in its defence against the bogus claims of religious groups that its “secular concept of human rights might be seen as deficient by other societies”.

    His point would seem to be that the alleged deficiency should be viewed as an abdication of certain rights by those within religious groups – “After all, if you don’t want rights, no one can force you to exercise them. It’s your right.”

    Highlighting that point, he seems to say, would highlight whose actual decision it is to abdicate those rights.