It's about the DUP not the IRA

Harry Browne, a former Irish Times journalist and lecturer at Dublin Institute of Technology, wonders why the focus remains entirely on when the IRA is going to decommission, when most of the substantive points not agreed on revolve around the DUP’s objections to the current Belfast Agreement.

  • Davros

    I suspect the deal is all but done by now.
    There’s going to be a lot of posturing, brinksmanship and breast-beating so that Gerry and Ian can return to the faithful and claim they wrung more that t’other wanted to give out of them and declare victory.

    I suspect

    1) decom’ in private with statement war is over

    2) limited accountability – some form weighted veto

    3) amnesty

    4) Strengthened Cross-border with face-saving something for DUP

  • Harris

    Regarding the DUP’s posturing, did anyone not expect Big Ian to try and enshrine in stone the hegemony of Unionists over Nationalists in the Assembly? As Danny Morisson said: “It was never about IRA guns, or the IRA,” it was about renegotiating the agreement. By such overreaching they may have dealt themselves out of the game.

    Bring on “Plan B”!!

  • Kevin Mc Kinney

    The way I see it is that the war has been over and accepted by the DUP as being over for a long time. There was alot said by them before the last assembly elections in order to maximise their vote. Big Ian is getting no younger and is itching to be First Minister and has always had that intention. As for the rest of the leadership they just want positions of power in the new executive back again.This whole issue about accountability is just a face saving issue by them to keep the faithful on board.A deal will be done and soon with the mechanisms of the agreement intact.

  • Harris


    Hopefully you are correct in your opinion.

  • jonno99

    The DUP need a “face saver” in order to cut a deal. Something with which to face the electorate. Powersharing is the only way forward and that means no backdoor veto. Whatever face saver is cooked up it will be no more than a cosmetic change.

  • cg

    If it really was about guns then big Ian would have told his friends in Ulster Resistance to scrap their guns as well however this was not the case.