Groundhog Day: afraid of moving on to tomorrow?

Noel Whelan was in close and personal on the latest rounds of talks at England’s luxurious Leeds Castle. He believes that there’s a danger the two lead party’s are getting too comfortable in the high profile position of not making a deal.

  • peteb

    Can’t find much fault with Noel Whelan’s assessment of the situation, Mick, although he clearly believes it’s not just a danger, but the result of a party-political decision by the two parties concerned to avoid a deal.

    It also ties in with Frank Millar’s assessment, which we’ve been highlighting here as well.

    In short the ‘negotiations’ are looking more and more like a public relations exercise in avoiding the blame.

  • Butterknife

    Is it true that with the ‘talks’ at Leeds Castle where the DUP refuses to talk *cough* with Sinn Fein, that the MLAs receive their full salaries again?

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Good take by Whelan. Interesting that he sees SF continuing to gain in the 26 counties and has not, as of yet, hit the ‘glass ceiling’. This puts him at odds with other commentators on 26 county politics who thought that the European election was as good as it gets for SF.