Two dogs that didn't bark

Interesting reference to a Sherlock Holmes classic (is this a UUP thing?) – the dog that didn’t bark – from Steven King. By which he means the absence of anti Agreement rhetoric from the DUP at Leeds Castle, and the no show from the IRA on decommissioning. Remember Steven’s in Dublin on Friday.

  • peteb

    Dare I suggest that the silence of the dogs, and that includes all the ones mentioned by Steven King, has more to do with the ongoing battle of the blame-game that Frank Millar talked about in the Irish Times than the theory presented in this article, Mick.

  • Sherlock

    As Chairman of the NI Sherlock Holmes Society (The Crew of the SS MayDay–the only Belfast link in the Holmes canon), a member of the UUP and a fellow columnist, I am delighted that Steven has managed to mention my hero!

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  • Sherlock

    Hello Again,

    Like my hero I do have some difficulty with this new fangled technology. I have no idea why my contribution says posted by Sherlock when it should have said posted by Alex. Kane.

    Where is Mrs. Hudson when you need her?


  • Rebecca Black

    there isn’t really a Northern Ireland Sherlock Holmes Society is there?

  • peteb

    A membership of one perhaps, Alex? ;o)

  • North Antrim Realist

    Poor Alex, can solve the problems of NI but not those of S O’T’s technology.

    What SK was trying to say in a very long winded piece was that everybody now supports the GFA and it objectives including decomissioning ….. so DT was right all along in what he was doing….. the only problem is that DT now is going to use this as an excuse to hang around and bore everybody to death with his brilliance.

  • willowfield

    Who can take the DUP seriously after all this?

    First, having opposed all-party talks in 1997-98 and chastised the UUP for taking part in talks, they participate fully at Leeds Castle and at Stormont. What’s changed in the intervening period? (They’ve overtaken the UUP: that’s what’s changed!).

    Second, having dismissed decommissioning as an irrelevance, they are now prepared to accept it as the condition for governing with the Provos.

    Third, having vitriolically opposed the GFA and chastised the UUP for supporting it, having called for it to be overthrown, and having promised to renegotiate it, they are contenting themselves with re-writing a few paragraphs about accountability arrangements! (Apparently, the policing reforms, north/south bodies, early prisoner releases, etc., are OK now!)

    It’s comical. Although more of a tragicomedy, given that they’re going to get away with it because there’s no-one left to oppose the GFA, now that the DUP have joined everyone else.

  • George

    I don’t know if it is a case of DT being right all along. For me it seems more that both governments were right when they said the GFA was the best agreement on offer and the only show in town. DT just knew it made no sense to walk away.

    The DUP are just leaving the other naysayers Republican Sinn Fein behind them and falling in line with the rest of the people on this island, who you may remember voted for the GFA by a two to one majority on both sides of the border.

    There is nobody opposing the GFA because nobody has a better idea about how to solve the problems and unionism doesn’t have the economic or political clout to run solo with whatever dreams it has for ruling the “province” and damn the rest.

  • willowfield

    Quite right, George.