Boris online and blogging…

The people’s favorite Tory, Boris Johnson has finally broken his party’s duck in the political blogging league, thanks to the tireless Tim Ireland. Given his position as Tory spokesman on the Arts and the day job at the Spectator, it remains to be seen how much time he can devote to this blogging thing. He’s nonetheless a prime addition to the UK’s political blogosphere!

  • David Vance

    Surely you mean the lefties favourite Tory…Boris is, sadly, a disgrace to British Conservatism and he has turned the Spectator into the Guardian with frills.

  • Mick Fealty

    You should read the blog first David, surely? What’s particularly leftie about it? As for the Spectator, he’s still publishing Mark Steyn, most weeks at least.

  • peteb

    Surely you mean the Tory party’s most publicity-hungry spokesman, Mick? Personally I give Boris a couple of weeks of blogging.. and his secretary another year or so after that.

    “The Guardian with frills”, David?… perhaps ‘with twitching net curtains’ would be more appropriate.

  • peteb

    It does read like it should be called ‘’

  • peteb

    Sorry about the repeated comments on this Mick.. I just keep spotting things on this one..

    “registration for comments: not a bad idea… we will see what we can do but let’s see how long an honour system lasts, first.”

    Do you want to answer that for them, Mick?