Blogging for businesses…

It’s not all politics and personal diaries. It looks like the blog concept is beginning to penetrate the business world. have just produced a guide to blogging for small business.

  • peteb

    I’d be wary of the expansion of the blog in this manner, Mick. There are certainly examples of business blogs that provide a useful interface between customers and the individuals who run the businesses.. but this site seems to be promoting it as simply another marketing tool.

    To my eye, the benefit to those companies who have been recognised as ‘successful’ bloggers has come from providing contact with otherwise unapproachable CEOs. Small businesses should be wary of this approach – its success is entirely dependent on their market, their own ability to be open and the time they can spend blogging.

    Unless the companies can identify and commit to those elements their adoption of blogging as a marketing tool is more likely to denigrate the image of blogging as a whole. In my view, the need to identify in the public mind the different types of blogs, and their different objectives, is becoming ever more apparent.

    There’s a phrase I’ve used before on Slugger when discussing similar developments and it springs to mind again – The mainstream cometh.