Star of the Sea – The Movie

The Irish Independent carries the news, echoed in the Belfast Telegraph, that Joseph O’Connor has sold the movie rights to his acclaimed novel “Star of the Sea” to “Britain’s biggest movie production company”, Working Title Pictures.

That news will either gladden or dishearten the novel’s many fans, who include certain Slugger regulars. Working Title has produced international successes in recent years but this would appear to be a departure from their usual formula. Time will tell if they can satisfy the current fans of the book and the movie-going public. Casting will not begin until next year, dependent upon completion of the film script. In development then.

  • Davros

    God Help us all.

  • Mick Fealty

    They’ll do well to beat the novel.

  • peteb

    The biggest concern I would have is the budget for the production, Mick.

    Recreating an authentic look and setting for the film will be expensive but necessary. To date Working Title appear to have concentrated more on contemporary settings for their films.

  • Davros

    I wasn’t that impressed to be honest Mick 🙂

    But I wonder will this be another one of those ghastly “Irish” films – Angela’s Ashes was so well summed up by Tom Paulin – and will James Nesbitt …

    Davros suggestion : “They Tears Might Cease” would make a wonderful film.