All Over by Christmas?

So, it

  • North Antrim Realist

    The DUP are caught firmly in the headlights, they cannot go on or all they have done is what the UUP were doing – no new agreement just a thin coat of whitewash, powersharing with SF. If they try to go back they will get all the blame for whatever happens in the future at the hands of Blair and Aherne.

    DUP, can now be welcomed to the real world where decisions have to be made and unpalatable actions taken. No more shouting insults from the sidelines and blaming everyone else for the woes of the world.

    The DUP set out their stall, now they cannot deliver what they promised the people who voted for them….what price will they have to pay?

  • David Vance

    I have to agree with much of what Pete says.

    The media IS failing in the way he suggests – and readers will know that this has been a consistent theme in my own writings.

    The role of a journalist should be to prise open “constructive ambiguities” and nail nuanced evasinesss. Instead, and this is my point, they COLLABORATE in this deceit. I mean we had Mark Devenport telling us, with a straight face, that whilst “history had not been made”, “history could be made” – pure unadulterated baby talk that avoids harder questions.

    If the IRA is going to back up shop for good, clearly and unambigously, and without more fork-tongued language,let’s find out. Adams needs to be vigourously questioned on this. Also what about the UVF, UDA et al? Why isn’t Ervine being questoned about this since this is also required by all right thinking people(and even left thinking people)?

    In short, I don’t believe it will be all over by Xmas – 04 at least. Too many people are still living in cloud cuckoo land – as NAR’s comments prove.

    The majority of Unionists oppose the Belfast Agreement, they oppose terrorist proxies in Government – it’s time others respected OUR wish.

  • maca

    Hi DV,
    While I agree with just about everything you said I just want to raise a point from your last paragraph which I disagree with.

    “it’s time others respected OUR wish”
    I think it’s time the politicians respected the wish of ALL the people of Northern Ireland who just want a stable, fair and just society. If the Belfast Agreement can provide that I think it should be followed through, if not then the onus is on the politicians to provide a new workable agreement for ALL the people, not just Unionists.

    (or did I misunderstand the intent of your point?)

  • David Vance

    Hi Maca,

    I don’t think we are too far apart. My only caveat, which I’m sure you know by now, is I have little or no confidence in politicians, and theefore I would much prefer to see an NI in which the stability, fairness and just society you admirably speak of, can come about by all decent people working together in ways that do not require a monstrous bureaucracy.

  • Alan


    Interesting points you make.

    In your opinion, would disbanding the IRA lead to SF no longer being regarded as terrorist proxies?

    In which case – would you still resist the GFA?

  • David Vance

    Hi Alan,

    In the event of the IRA demonstrably disarming and disbanding, then Sinn Fein has a claim to be a democratic party. In which case, to be fair, it should be treated as such.

    I would, however, still resist much of the Belfast Agreement. I oppose the nature and scale of the Executive, I oppose all-Ireland bodies, I oppose the prohibitive cost of the Assembly, the list goes on. I cannot accept an Agreement that is designed to ease NI out of orbit with the UK!

    THAT said, many of these issues can be debated between civilised people and the electorate can have its say. What is intolerable is terrorists of ANY hue being in existance. It’s time they did go away, you know.