The Oracle at Derry?

While not exactly proof of Delphic powers, Eamonn McCann

  • Alan

    McCann has it about right except ( and I may have him wrong here)when he says *The Agreement didn’t prompt this development. But it has provided a congenial context for it to continue, and, arguably, has facilitated its acceleration*.

    As far as I am concerned the consociationalist approach led directly to polarisation because that it what it was meant to do. It simplified politics to produce tolerance, rather than respect. I also cannot understand how the SDLP can argue for the existence of community voting when this is what it produces, and is clearly in breach of the Socialist International’s principle – *Democratic socialism also means cultural democracy. There must be equal rights and opportunities for the different cultures within each society as well as equal access for everyone to the national and global cultural heritage*

    Brady’s comments on sectarianism are tendentious. Rather than recognize that educational separation affirms division, he leaves us to despair any progress, simply because it suits the church to maintain its influence over young minds. Integrated education isn’t the whole answer, but it has real lessons to teach.

    So well said Eamon.

  • peteb


    The idea that the consociational approach leads directly to polarisation is false. Although McCann attributes an acceleration in that process to the Agreement here, he clearly doesn’t believe that it, in itself, is a cause.

    I would argue that polarisation has been both an objective and electorally beneficial for some political parties here – and that electoral benefit was neither unexpected nor accidental.

  • Davros

    Funny Old world – Leeds has totally obliterated two significant events here … Mr O’hEara and Mr Molloy. So changes ARE happening here but from the bottom up while the world focuses on attempts- and failures- to MAKE them happen from the top down.

  • peteb

    That’s because they weren’t ‘significant events’ Davros.. one was the next in the queue.. and the other ended by saying – “whether perceived as victims or perpetrators, once people die as a result of conflict they are victims of that conflict.”

    Not at all a self-serving statement then.

  • Davros

    I’ll dare disagree with you on the significance pete 🙂

  • Henry94

    Anything that people on the other side find good and useful is good and useful in my view.

    For example I was delighted to read Kenneth Bloomfield’s remarks this morning. It helps.

    On the tals i could be reading this wrong but it looks to me as if a deal is done. I suspect there will soon be an Army Convention to wind up the iRA. The British will do what they have to do on policing, demilitarisation, OTRs and Finucane.

    The unionists being outside the deal will be free to attack on the British moves but when the dust settles the institutions will be restored for good.

  • Davros

    “On the tals “

    That’s an awkward Typo Henry !