Free Willy!

LEEDS Castle is exactly what you imagine a fairytale castle should look like

  • peteb

    “will it be enough? Will it be sustainable?”

    And how long will it take for all the pieces to be publicly visible? And perhaps most importantly – How much transparency and accountability will the public actually be allowed?

    Something tells me that the mechanisms needed for an accountable democracy are NOT high on the agenda of many of the parties or governments at Leeds castle.

    And let’s let Willy cool off for a while, eh?

  • Davros

    Oh dear me! Phoney Tony will have upset Papa Doc !
    His halo has slipped 🙂

    Love this bit about the SF negotiator and the souvenir brochure!

    “A complex of Tudor buildings, replete with a courtyard, miniature bridge and a moat populated by swans, it is an English castle as envisaged by Hollywood. One Sinn Fein negotiator was even glimpsed studying a souvenir brochure about it during a break in the negotiations.”

  • Davros

    And Off Topic, But well done Gerry O’hEara , Mayor of Derry – a man with a future.

  • James

    The talks just augered in. So what’s next, Plan B, decentralize the NRA in Belfast?