Hey Ho Let's Go!

Not, strictly speaking, within the remit of the site, but allow me a little latitude. Johnny Ramone, real name John Cummings, one of the founder members of the punk of all punk bands, The Ramones, died yesterday after a 5-year battle with prostate cancer. The Guardian leads the tributes. A moment’s silence, followed by raucous celebration of the life and music of the man with a plan. 1-2-3-4!

  • David Vance

    I was sorry to read this sad news…..the Ramones were great…Johnny is a loss.

    “I just had to tell ’em
    I got cerebellum”

    Let’s go……

  • maca

    That’s 3 of the Ramones since 2001. A sad loss.

  • nuzhound

    Johnny Ramone was a big fan of Ronald Reagan & George W. Bush, despite Bonzo does Bitburg.

  • peteb

    Well, to paraphrase A Cooper, if you listen to rock stars to be politically informed you deserve everything you get.

  • davidbrew

    and before anyone says this sad news is nothing to do with NI, firstly the Cummings were an Ulster Scots family (missed that one eh, Laird Lord?)and secondly they made a major contibution to the youth of many a grizzled middle aged Ulsterman and woman.
    Finally they were directly involved in one of the best peaces of political satire I can recall when after another UUC meeting in the Waterfront a hitherto eminently respectable UUP politician (no names sadly) was heard to sing with gusto a classic Ramones song , with the slight lyrical variation…”Trimble is a fat f***er” -OK I suppose you had to be there…

    DV you never cease to surprise me-I would have taken you for a Dead Kennedys man myself

  • David Vance


    Well, I did like “Holiday in Cambodia” but thought they went to mainstream after that!

    Can I also correct my typo in my first post, of course I meant to write..

    “I just had to tell ’em
    I ain’t got no cerebellum”

    Betcha Mark Durkan’s was into the Ramones as he appears to have taken the above lines as the party credo!

  • davidbrew

    and Adams obviously is inspired by the Ramones in his restorative justice programme –

    “beat on the brat/beat on the brat/beat on the brat with a basebsall bat”

    I think Trimble was inspired to run his party by the DK’s “California Uber Alles” and its accurate assessment of Jerry Brown-“you will croak you litle clown, when you mess with President Brown”.

    Have you checked out the second most bizarre website in the world (after Groupies for Dermot)-conservativepunk.com?