• maca

    Maybe they should get pepper spray. They could also get those ‘bang sticks’, the tubes with the shotgun shell in it used to kill sharks. Very cool.

  • aquifer

    The police riot squads are not expected to do much arresting at present. A legitimate health and safety at work concern perhaps, but this creates a situation analogous to parades prior to the commission, where those offering most violence can get away with the most.

    The official toleration of violent disorder underpins our zero-sum politics, and is in effect a racist slur against the population here. In the past street violence suited both those in power who could denigrate those protesting, and militant revolutionaries who viewed it as a stage in a process leading to ‘socialism’ or at least Irish National separation. Now street violence is usually selectively excused by one side or the other, but it would not be tolerated elsewhere.

    Not ‘PC’ to say, but non lethal arrest weapons can support a culture of non violent direct action and productive politics.

  • James

    Beware what you wish. Atheists can cite the Law of Unforeseen Consequences and the God Squad can take warning that your Deity might have a sense of humor.

    Last year a Vietnamese lady got blown away when two San Jose cops investigated a domestic disturbance. The fact that she was armed with a vegetable peeler was not lost on the Grand Jury. Thus began our sojourn into non lethal technology.

    Since then San Jose’s finest have been issued scads of tasers and are using them with mad abandon: sixty times between May and August so by the end of the year the whole damned place might glow enough to be seen from space.

    Enjoy, maybe the field will stop the rain.

  • Davros

    Mark, you guys are sooo MEAN to poor Mitchel!

    Dragooning him into making a Phoenix-gas -friendly Press release has to break the terms of the Befast agreement 😉