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Sinn Fein has called for the British government to call off survellence operations after a bug was founding a meeting room in Connelly House. Gerry Adams has asked for a line to be drawn under the conduct of all future such operations.

  • willowfield

    Are the Provos going to draw a similar lines and stop their intelligence gathering and targeting?

    Tell you what Gerry, why don’t you disband the PIRA and completely divorce PSF from the death squads? Then, maybe, your calls for an end to surveillance will have some credibility.

    Until nationalists divorce themselves from terrorism, they will be fair game for surveillance.

  • maca

    “Until nationalists divorce themselves from terrorism, they will be fair game for surveillance.”

    Does the same go for unionists? Just curious.

  • willowfield

    Yes, of course. I should hope that the PUP are under constant surveillance too.

  • maca

    “I should hope that the PUP are under constant surveillance too.”


  • Davros

    The Irish Independent today reminds us that SF themselves have played with bugs 🙂

    “They themselves have been in the bugging business for many years. As far back as Margaret Thatcher’s time, they embarrassed one of her ministers by producing a tape of a conversation in which he made disparaging remarks about The Lady. “

  • peteb


    A couple of points to make on this.

    The most important one is that no such commitment could, or should, be given to anyone – political party or individual.

    What Adams is actually demanding is an exemption from scrutiny that would extend beyond the full devolution of policing and justice powers. Surveillance is an integral part of many criminal investigations and the organised crime investigations that are underway here would have something to say if such a commitment was given.

    The other point is the ‘discovery’ of this ‘sophisticated’ bug.

    According to the various Sinn F

  • J Kelly

    It is good to see the same old consistency from our unionist friends when republicans are accused of spying it is time to bring the whole house down, when unionist are in receipt of calssified information it is a leak from a concerned civil servant and when the brits are caught spying on the largest nationalist party its right and proper.

    Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • Davros

    J Kelly- possibly the bug dates back to the days described by Mr Scapattici when SF premises were used for illegal activities ?

  • willowfield

    J Kelly

    If you can’t see a distinction between a government coalition partner using its offices to gather information for passing on to terrorists (and the implications that has for trust between the coalition partners), civil servants leaking documents and government agencies bugging terrorist offices, then you are stupid.

  • Bob Wilson

    Having driven past Connolly House a couple of weeks ago I have to say that I fail to see how the ‘securocrats’ or their operatives could possibly get in without detection. Unless they have a spy working there….

  • willowfield

    It was Stakeknife, I tell you.

  • Davros

    Wasn’t Scap a builder ? I wonder if he ever did any work at Connolly house or at that flat where the other bug was allegedly found ?