A Big Con?

A little later than intended but still a useful antidote to the party politics (possibly), a characteristically spiky interview with The Guardian has Roddy Doyle following on from his ‘blasphemous’ view that Joyce “needed a good editor” and kicking hard against the stereotyping, and self-mythologizing, of the Irish people.

After all, who, if we

  • Davros

    Alan Stanford countered his article in the Irish Independent.

    Dear ol’ dirty Dublin hasn’t lost any heart

    Doyle did raise an interesting point about musicians.

  • peteb

    ‘countered’ Davros?

    According to Stanford, Dublin, as well as being in a ‘picturesque’ setting, “is growing faster and with more sympathy for its citizens than ever before”.

    He contradicts, in parts, Roddy Doyle but doesn’t counter him.

  • Panda

    I’m probably in aminority of one on the site, but I really enjoyed ” A Star called Henry”
    Anyone who rattles the cages of the Irish “self- mythologizers” is alright by me!
    BTW this typekey thingy takes a bit of getting used to

  • Davros

    Haven’t read it yet Panda… in fact haven;t read anything other than Ha, Ha, Ha.

    It’s sequel- Oh, Play That thing- got shredded in the Sunday Times and a less than enthusiastic review by Terry Eagleton in the Guardian.

  • Davros

    pete: I was using the intro from the I.I.

    “Dear ol’ dirty Dublin hasn’t lost any heart
    Alan Stanford counters Roddy Doyle’s criticism of his native city”

  • peteb

    Well, Davros, they’re hardly going to say “Stanford waffles on and avoids the issues raised by Roddy Doyle” ;o)

  • Davros

    That’s true 🙂

    But fair play to you , I should have used the intro properly in quotes.