Decommissioning and history…

A slightly shaky but interesting parallel is drawn on this morning’s The Long View (sound file). Amongst others Paul Bew and Danny Morrison do battle against a background of the Scottish Jacobite rebellion of the 18th century and in the foreground, Leeds Castle

  • Davros

    Mick, Windows cannot open this file 🙁

    The Jacobite issue interests me – as Ireland acknowledged a British Monarch as their Lawful and God-given sovereign.

  • peteb

    I think you need a RealMedia player installed Davros.

    I’ll try to find the link.

  • peteb

    Try this link, Davros.


  • Davros

    Thanks pete … Realplayer sorted it 🙂

    DM – what can I say ? He sounded very foolish in comparison to Bew.