Decomm, or no decomm?

You pays your money and you take your choice. The Irish Independent speculates on a move by the IRA to decommission ahead of the Leeds Castle talks, whilst the Sunday Life says no.

Time will tell. But an act of decommissioning now would single a different dynamic in the process, with the IRA being seen as taking the lead in the process rather than being pushed into to it by their political opponents. The other crucial question will be how much will General de Chastelain be permitted to reveal of what he witnesses.

Clearly the IRA will want to put limits on what is publicly revealed, but without some form of open verification of quantities, it’s unlikely to pass muster as a ‘confidence building’ exercise for their Unionist opponents.

  • Davros

    We need to hear those words … “The War Is Over”

  • Davros

    Could some kind person translate the below please ?

    Coimirce an athair oraibh

    Gach lá agus gach oíche:

    Go Dé sibh slán

    Faoí Shíochán Chríost

    Gach lá agus gach oíche.

    Blessing composed by Máire Ní Ghuibhir.

    Paul Durcan’s diary, p 101

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Don’t people have enough trouble translating Durkan’s English?


  • Davros

    That’s naughty Gonzo 🙂

    I hadn’t realised that he was a relative of Séan MacBride.

  • Davros

    whoops … he’s a C, not a K 🙂

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Bit premature putting the boot in there Gonzo.

  • Caoimhín


    May the protection of the Father be upon you,

    Every day and every night,

    May God give you health,

    Under the Peace of Christ,

    Every day and every night.

  • Davros

    That is beautiful indeed Caoimhín.


    ( From the Séan MacBride Memorial Mass)

  • David Vance

    We need to see the weapons surrendered. The words of terrorists and their frontmen mean nothing. Once the weapons are handed in, and the illegal terrorist structures demonstrably broken up, then Adams and co can come begging forgiveness.