Loyalist feud: political leadership needed?

The Times is not renowned as a leading criticism of Unionism, but it seems the dangers of the Loyalist feud has led it to make this rather stinging criticism of the leadership in Unionism:

“Responsibility rests with local politicians. David Trimble complained yesterday about “some in the Unionist leadership which over the last few years has emphasised only negativity, that it kept on drumming into people”. This was a legitimate swipe at the Democratic Unionist Party but is relevant to Mr Trimble and many of his colleagues as well. The Ulster Unionist Party has too often either steered clear of loyalist trouble-spots or pandered to the sentiments of those at the wilder end of the spectrum. It has been disinclined either to make a positive case for the peace process of the past six years or to challenge the remit of loyalist warlords.”

The Scotsman has produced a descriptive list of the main players in the feud itself.

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