Derry name change

Despite a last minute compromise deal put together by the DUP, the City Council backed a joint SDLP/Sinn Fein motion (subscription required) to recommend a name change:

“…the SDLP/Sinn Fein motion recognised the right of everyone to use the name of the city ‘with which they feel most comfortable, be it Derry, Londonderry or Doire”

However it will eventually lead to an official change from Londonderry to Derry, after due process:

“…the process will now be given over to the Department of the Environment and then to Secretary of State Paul Murphy who will pass it on to the Secretary to the Crown. At that stage a plebiscite made be called but with Derry’s massive nationalist majority it is certain that the name change will be ratified.”

The decision was met with some dismay amongst local Unionist representatives:

“DUP assembly member William Hay said it was ‘a tragedy’ that councillors were divided again.”

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