Summit: all aspects will be discussed

As if to confirm the growing speculation that today’s meeting in Downing Street may prove something of a watershed in NI politics, Paul Murphy has told the BBC:

“I think that the meeting with the prime minister and the Taoiseach is hugely important. It will be looking at the sort of principles that will underpin the next few weeks – the principles which look at why it is paramilitarism has to be tackled. We are going to look at other aspects of the Agreement as well – whether it’s human rights, whether it’s normalisation and so on, but all because we want to establish trust.”

Martin McGuinness said local parties also needed to become involved:

“I am hoping that, on the other side of today’s meeting in Downing Street, we will see more intensive discussions between all of the parties on a bilateral and possibly a trilateral basis to try and break the deadlock”